Community Living Glengarry is pleased to announce they have received a two-year grant of $189,424 from the Ontario Ministry of Community and Social Services (MCSS), Employment and Modernization Fund.  These funds will be used to develop a model for supported community participation in rural communities, as part of the organization transition way from its sheltered workshop/social enterprise. Community Living Glengarry is looking to develop a widely applicable model and potential tool-kit for supported community participation in rural and remote areas across Ontario.  


Community Living Glengarry has made commitments through strategic planning to focus its efforts toward person-centered and community-based opportunities. Plans are already underway to focus on developing greater capacity and connections within the organization and with the wider community to further include and engage people with intellectual disabilities in different valued roles. These roles are defined by the person and their network and could range according to their choices and desires from employment, volunteering in supportive environment accessing funded supports, passport and, fee-for service.

This grant will assist in supporting the vision of our Board of Directors and our strategic direction.

 “This is an exciting opportunity for our agency and our partners; this will empower stronger partnerships with our business community while creating employment opportunities for people with an intellectual disability. In conjunction with our business partners and having people we support gain meaningful employment and become part of an inclusive community  this initiative will demonstrate how North Glengarry will be seen as a community where no one is left behind.” comments Maurice Dupelle, Manager of Supported Employment Services

Danielle Duranceau’s comment “Citizens of both North Glengarry and South Glengarry communities have always been very supportive of our organization. This grant will enable the organization to move toward a greater variety of unique and individualized approaches. People will have a choice in where they want to work, volunteer, take courses, participate in recreational activities. This grant will enable the organization to reach out and develop more relationships in our communities with businesses, health & social service sector, schools and other potential partner who recognize the importance of being inclusive.”


Glengarry Family Engagement

Friday March 31st, 2017

Are you the parent/guardian of a person with an intellectual disability?

Glengarry Family Engagement is a new group in our community where parents/gardians can meet, greet and share experiences through facilited discussion and guest speakers

Website:  glengarryfamilyengagement.ca 
To contact Chantal Desjardins:  glengarryfamilyengagement@gmail.com


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