Sharing homes; sharing lives.

Host families open their hearts and home to a person with an intellectual disability. They provide a nurturing family environment within which the person can live, learn, grow, and become an active participant in their community.

Can anyone become a family home provider?

Host families must be members of the community who can provide a safe, supportive and caring living environment. Single adults and families are eligible to participate in the Host Family program. They must demonstrate the ability to meet the needs of the person requiring support and a willingness to learn the necessary skills.

Host families take part in orientation and ongoing training, as outlined in the service agreement and the organization’s policies and procedures.

Screening process

To ensure the safety and well-being of the person to be supported, all potential host families must undergo a thorough home study process. The organization approves host families based on their suitability, skills and capabilities to provide optimal care and to meet the specific needs of the person requiring support.

The home study process will include:

  1. Character reference and criminal background checks
  2. Confidentiality requirements
  3. Interviews with all members of the family
  4. An assessment of the ability to provide care
  5. An environmental assessment
  6. A service agreement
Those who would like to benefit from this service or become a host family can contact us to learn more about eligibility and the application process.