Providing services that help adults with an intellectual disability attain and maintain jobs in the community.

The Employment Connectors program seeks to promote pride, respect, satisfaction and value both to the employee with an intellectual disability and the employer.

Services for the candidate

The jobs available include paid work, work experiences and self-employment. The applicant’s interests and personal goals are also taken into consideration.

The Employment Connectors program offers assistance through job coaching and regular follow-up.

Those registered for this program learn and carry out the responsibilities associated with competitive employment. Applicants also receive employment training in the classroom and supported employment placement to gain valuable work experience.

Benefits for employers

Our applicants are motivated and eager to demonstrate their capabilities. It has been proven over the years that they show a long-term commitment to employers.

Community Living Glengarry offers ongoing consultations and support to employers and to applicants. This helps build and maintain a healthy and productive working relationship. Consultations and on-the-job training are also provided to by our job coach at no cost to employers.

Our team can also offer free assistance to employers in applying for wage subsidies.


To take part in the Employment Connectors program through a funded space, people must be registered with Developmental Services Ontario (DSO)Passport or personal funds may however be used to cover the cost of support staff.

If you wish to broaden your employee base, contact us! We’ll be glad to provide you with more information about the program and our applicants.

Thank you to our current employers!

Local businesses who are currently participating in the Employment Connectors program include: