Allowing caregivers and family members to take their loved ones for a bike ride.

Launched in August 2018, Community Living Glengarry’s Bike Buddy program provides the perfect opportunity for those who are not very mobile to enjoy a leisurely bike ride! Our duet wheelchair bikes aren’t just for people with disabilities; they’re for seniors too!

There are currently two duet wheelchair bikes available at Alexandria Island Park, free of charge, to our employees and the community.

The bikes look like regular bicycles but have a detachable wheelchair instead of a front wheel. This means that the wheelchair portion can be conveniently disconnected from the bicycle and used as a regular wheelchair. This allows for easy access wherever you may want to stop while on your ride.

Reserve a Bike Buddy now!

If you’d like to join a Bike Buddy for a spin, simply call or email us to reserve the date and time. A key to unlock the bike will need to be picked up and brought back (after the excursion) at the Community Living Glengarry office located at 332 MacDonald Blvd. in Alexandria.

Please note that first-time drivers must take a mandatory orientation/training session prior to embarking on an excursion. To schedule your session, please contact us.