Providing stimulation and relaxation through the use of touch, sound, colour and light.

Our two multisensory rooms provide safe and fun recreational environments for people with disabilities. Users get to absorb and explore their environment in a controlled but accessible and comfortable setting.

Stimulating the primary senses is beneficial for cognitive, sensory and physical disabilities. The rooms offer a range of sensory stimuli and experiences through music, lighting effects, gentle vibrations and more.

The positive effects extend to other settings, while stimulation and interaction can improve communication.

Our first room is centred on interactivity. For example, there’s a multi-coloured cube that, when thrown, changes the colour of an illuminated water tube. The room also contains a string of fibre-optic lights, which gets brighter as it reacts to human touch, as well as a fibre-optic blanket.

Our second room focuses mainly on tactile experiences. While it concentrates on touch, other senses are stimulated as well. Among the room’s features is an illuminated ball pit.

Both rooms are in constant evolution, integrating new elements over time.

Those who would like to book private time in either room can contact us.